Slamming Andhra Pradesh's decision to construct a new lift irrigation scheme to lift Krishna water from Srisailam Project: Telangana CM

Telangana CM

Hyderabad (Telangana)

Slamming Andhra Pradesh's decision to construct a new lift irrigation scheme to lift Krishna water from Srisailam Project, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao termed it as "highly objectionable".

"The decision taken by the Andhra Pradesh government is against the Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Act. This is highly objectionable. A legal fight would be initiated against the project to stop it, as it would be severely against the interests of the Telangana State. The officials concerned are directed to file a complaint against the AP Government decision in the Krishna Water Management Board on behalf of the Telangana State government," Rao said.

KCR further said that taking a unilateral decision on the inter-state Srisailam project water issue, planning construction of a new project without the consent from the Apex Committee are the mistakes committed by the AP Government.

Earlier, the Andhra government had decided to construct a new Lift Irrigation project to lift 3 TMC of water from the Srisailam project. The government has also issued a Government Order in this regard.
Rao said, "The AP State Reorganization Act had clearly stipulated that if new irrigation projects are planned in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana, they should get clearance from the Apex Committee. But the Andhra government did not get any approval from the Apex Committee. Srisailam project in Andhra and Telangana state's combined project. Water from these projects should be utilized by both the States.

"But the AP government without even consulting the Telangana state has decided to lift water from the Srisailam project and issued a GO in this regard. If Krishna water is diverted by the AP government, then united Palamuru, Nalgonda, Rangareddy districts will face a water crisis for both drinking and agriculture purposes. Hence, we file a complaint with the KRMB to issued directives to stop the project from construction," he said.

"Setting aside all the differences, disputes of the past, Telangana had extended a friendly hand to the AP stating that river waters should be utilized for the benefit of farmers in both the states. It is very painful that despite this, the AP government declared a new scheme without even consulting with the Telangana to lift water from the Srisailam project unilaterally. 

This dented the very spirit with which water should be utilized by the two stats with mutual cooperation. There is no compromise when it comes to protecting the interests of the State. We will put up a relentless legal fight to stop this project under any circumstances," the chief minister declared.

The chief minister also instructed the official to approach the Supreme Court on the matter.

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