petition has been moved in Delhi High Court 

High Court indea

New Delhi (India)

A petition has been moved in Delhi High Court rasing concern over the plight of thousands of persons in the national capital who are not being distributed rations despite having the e-coupons issued by Delhi government.

The petition, slated to come up for hearing tomorrow, sought directions to the respondents to ensure that the appropriate quantity of rations is distributed to e-coupons holders who have not being delivered rations to date under the public distribution system.

The plea said that the petitioner, Shabnam, is a law student residing in the Sultanpuri Area of Delhi who saw the plight of these persons lining at the ration centers.

It also sought a direction to the authorities to publish/ issue a detailed list of the number of rations which ought to be distributed at the ration distribution centers to each individual and also to ensure that the applications for issuance of E-coupons for distribution of rations are opened and accepted by Delhi government and appropriate rations are distributed.

The plea, filed by advocates Kriti Kumari and Kamlesh Kumar Mishra on Monday, also prayed for a direction to the authorities to ensure that the web/IT infrastructure for the functioning of the PDS distribution system including and but not limited to registration of the applicants is kept functional at all the times and an appropriate person/official is designated so as to ensure that errors, if any may be reported to the said persons/officials, should be resolved.

State has the constitutional duty to provide adequate facilities and opportunities by distributing its wealth and resources for settlement of life and "the right to food and settlement is a fundamental right under Article 19(1)(e) and it is a facet of inseparable meaningful right to life under Article 21, the plea said.

It also stated that it is the duty of the State to provide the right to food to the poor and indigent weaker sections of the society in fulfillment of the constitutional objectives and alleged that the respondents have failed in complying with their duty.

Delhi government had last month introduced an e-token system to distribute ration to thousands of poor families in the national capital, who are yet to get ration cards, under a scheme to ensure delivery of essential food items to households amid the ongoing coronavirus-induced lockdown.