Try not to do this Mistake when you see somebody met with an accident

Try not to do this Mistake when you see somebody met with an accident, In today's world Roughly 1.35 million individuals people die in road crashes every year, on normal 3,700 individuals lose their lives each day on the streets.

The moment when someone sees the accident occurred in front of them, they come to rescue him or her, but the main method that they use to rescue the person is by providing him water to drink, but this is absolutely wrong.

The possibility of getting him to recoup may decrease and this will affect him to cause quick demise Because the person who met with an accident if he is alive and with a major fracture the present state of him confirmed would be "semi-conscious state".

At that stage, people around him will literally try to offer him water but his body by default won't accept any form of liquids that going inside his body, naturally, the swallowing mechanism will work the opposite. at this time calling an ambulance would be the best way to save his or her life.

In the interim, make some space for him and attempt to give enough oxygen and cause him to feel good to inhale on the grounds that this will cause him to get by for quite a while until the emergency vehicle comes and take him to the Hospital.

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