Lockdown to ease from April 20, two-wheelers allowed on roads



 inter-district travel will not be allowed, though Bengaluru and Ramanagara district could be, for this purpose, considered as one district as there is more movement of construction materials and workers to the city.

Section 144 will remain in place until May 3, the CM said.

The lockdown easing measures (after April 20) that were announced include:

> An incident commander will be appointed in each containment zone, and assisted by police and health officials. These commanders, who will have magisterial powers, will be responsible for maintaining crowd movement and providing basic amenities.

> In non-hotspots, two-wheelers will not require a pass to move around after April 20. Until April 20, only those with a pass can move. Good vehicles and cars with passes can move around.

> For transportation of construction materials and construction work, permission is not required. Transportation of sand and stones can take place.

> In the IT/BT sector, 33% of employees can go to their workplace after April 20, and should come to offices in hired buses. Other employees are encouraged to continue working from home.

> If the workers are on-site, then building construction activities can continue in the city.

> Industrial areas in rural places, SEZ and townships can start working.

> 33 percent of the workforce of government departments will be allowed to work. They can travel in contract buses that will be hired exclusively for them.

> No more new shops will be allowed to open. Malls, showrooms will remain closed.

> Wearing masks will be mandatory.

> Senior citizens and persons vulnerable to disease should remain indoors for the next three months.

> Spitting in public places is banned.

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