Lockdown extent in India "Prime Minister of  India Narendra Modi had a virtual Deep Discussion

Lockdown extent in India news by BHN
Narendra Modi

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Ya! you read it right, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President, and Chief Minister's have disclosed about the lockdown extent, as you can notice the number of coronavirus cases has been increased day by day, the best resource for everyone would be lockdown.

The number of cases in China as now become zero, the entire world is following china, all the places, stores, offices, malls and including The Great Wall of China have reopened, now the world needs to follow China to overcome the coronavirus outbreak.

Indian Government is searching the ways to end the lockdown as the cases are becoming higher day to day, The lockdown may extent till May 15th, as of now the number of confirmed cases in India is 5,274 and 411 peoples have already recovered and sadly we lost 149 members.

Ministers have recommended to the government to extending the lockdown till 15th May for the sake of youngsters as they are the main resources of India and this was not announced as a government order.

Indian Prime Minister and all the state chief ministers of India are going to have a virtual meeting and that will be held on the 9th of April or either 10th of April, within that Indian government has to take a staggering decision.

Importantly peoples in India have already pushed into the worst zone, and 40 million peoples will fall under below poverty line as per the prediction by government.

Greatly Finance minister has told that the will newly introduce the boosing packages to control the economy.

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