India gains respects and becomes the most valuable country in the world

India gains respects and becomes the most valuable country in the world
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The value of India

Importance of medicine is becoming the most needed thing and as become a part of our life, especially at this time to overcome the coronavirus outbreak, The only hoping medicine that world needs are Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), this type of medicine is recommended to treat malaria, and now many doctors are recommending this medicine to treat coronavirus, and sadly it has some side effects and humans have no other choice because as of now there is no medication to cure coronavirus, this medicine has been giving to the patient in the way of  "Tablet".

Opportunely India has a capacity to produce this type medicine lakhs together, but sadly the raw material used to produce this medicine usually India was exporting it from China, but during the lockdown time in china the export of the raw material was stopped, India is facing a tight time right now, as other countries are demanding the same medicine.

India has to stock the medicine for itself before exporting to other countries as per the situation, Indian government as already decided to store the required amount of stock and delivery the rest of the medicine to another country whose demand is high.

India has already received millions of orders form the countries, sadly India has a limited number of stocks, as demands are high and due to limited numbers at stocks India has decided to care for its country, mainly that medicine was banned exporting to the other countries, after knowing this the president's of other countries have made a call to Indian president and requested for the medicine.

before the ban few countries have already ordered the medicine, India has already sent medicine through the flight to deliver the mediation, India has also said that if any other country is facing the issue India will distribute this medicine to that country.

There is no other news publically available about the of raw material trade between China and India, India has announced that they have increased the production rate to produce the medicine, List of other countries have encouraged India saying that "India has become the example of being Human".

The worst of china

China was the first country that completely escaped from lockdown, and the worst part as started after they become completely cure of coronavirus.

During the lockdown time in china, other countries have donated necessary things without expecting nothing in return with China at that time China was facing trouble and many people were attacked by the coronavirus.

Italy is the main country who donated a higher number of the necessary equipment to china, but after china becoming free from the virus they started using the business mastermind, they returned the equipment which was donated by another country, here china did not convey it for free the made it as a deal.

many countries who have purchased the medical equipment from china have complained about their products, many were damaged and broken some don't function properly, many senators have already disclosed it in the public about this news.

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