Currency note found on the road, burnt



In the normal course, people pick up currency notes if found lying on the road. But of late, fear of coronavirus and unsubstantiated stories of people trying to spread the virus by scattering things, have scared the people so much that the people have cultivated a sense of fear at such things.

A new currency note of Rs 100 denomination was found lying on the road at Nazarbad here near Mylari Hotel on Friday. The people who turned panicky at its sight, immediately poured some sanitizer on the currency note and burnt it.

Two days back miscreants had thrown on the road an Rs 50 currency note at Hebbal here. There were reports of a person from Dharmasala in Khatirpur, Indore, having strewn several currency notes on the road, an action which gave rise to suspicion about his actual intention. Indore is already under the grip of coronavirus, and the fact that the person had thrown away currency notes of different denominations on the road made the people jittery as the man was evidently trying to lure people to pick the notes. Unlike in the past, no one came forward to pick these currency notes because of the apprehension of catching coronavirus infection.