Bisleri installs Ozone Disinfection Chambers outside Mumbai hospitals

Bisleri installs


Bisleri Charitable Trust, known for its work in promoting ozone therapy has created and installed ozone disinfection chambers at the entrance of two city hospitals.
The facility that uses ozone gas for its disinfecting properties has been deployed at the entrance of SevenHills Hospital and Sion Hospital to ensure the safety of health workers and help disinfect people before entering hospitals. The disinfecting facility will soon be set up at the entrance of Kasturba Hospital and other hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

Pure medical grade ozone is produced through ozone generators placed outside the chamber and a permissible amount is dispersed through an outlet fixed to the ceiling inside the chamber. Every health worker has to wear a mask before entering the enclosure and remain inside for a minimum of 30 seconds with both hands stretched apart. The spray decontaminates the clothes and other exposed parts of the body and sanitizes the person before entering and exiting the hospital.

"We are committed to joining efforts in the fight against COVID-19 and seek to support as many hospitals and healthcare professionals we can with our resources and capabilities," said Ramesh J. Chauhan, Chairman, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. while speaking about the facility.

"Ozone is known to be a powerful disinfectant. Medical ozone therapy is being practiced at the Bisleri center for many years, as well as Bisleri mineral water is purified through 'ozonization', which is powerful in killing bacteria and other microbes while maintaining the purity and quality. The ozone-based facility is created by our doctors and medical practitioners with an aim to offer the healthcare community protection against infections and reduce exposure and transmission," Chauhan added.

"We're very grateful to be working with Bisleri Charitable Trust and express our gratitude for their support to us in our battle against coronavirus," said Dr. Mohan Joshi, Dean, Sion Hospital.
"The ozone disinfection chamber installed at our hospital will supplement as a protective measure and significantly help disinfect health workers while entering and exiting the hospital premises," said Dr. Smita Chavhan, Associate Professor Coordinator at SevenHills.

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