BOX8 to home deliver fresh essentials in 30 minutes, amidst lockdown

BOX8 to home deliver fresh essentials in 30 minutes


The Food Tech Startup will now be accepting orders on the BOX8 App for daily essentials including dairy products, vegetables, fruits, bread, grocery, snacks and poultry products, providing a 30-minute delivery service in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Gurgaon.

In the view of India lockdown, BOX8 has commenced the delivery service of fresh essentials within 30 min. Food items that are currently scarce in the market, will now be available on BOX8's app to help people stay at home.

Fresh vegetables and fruits, bread, dairy products are available on the app while other grocery essentials, snacks and poultry products are expected to be added soon.

This service can be availed by the existing as well as new users. With 120 plus kitchens and an owned delivery fleet, the delivery will be facilitated in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore. The orders will be delivered within 30 minutes.
With long queues at grocery stores and society arranged vegetable marts, swarming online orders, delivery slots are overbooked, stocks are scarce, and people are struggling to get the basic cooking essentials in their households.

Lining up at the supermarkets and being exposed to contacted surfaces isn't the safest choice either when social distancing is the need of the hour.

BOX8 is trying to solve this problem by delivering its readily available essentials in under 30 minutes. It is ensuring safety with its absolute zero contact delivery.

The freshly sourced essentials will be delivered to customers at the safety and comfort of their homes, with no chance of physical contact.

"In these trying times, it is our responsibility to be of utmost help to the public with our resources and services. We had to do our best to bring safety and convenience for everyone.

We are also constantly working on increasing our delivery fleet to be able to service the additional demand," said Nikhil Bansal City Head at BOX8.

Adding to this, Kuldeep Jain, Head of Supply Chain at BOX8 said, "We already have a supply chain to source and process fresh perishable essentials, a 120 plus kitchen network, an owned delivery fleet to deliver on time and an online platform to process transactions.

We have been working round the clock to make necessary adjustments, to be able to provide grocery service in these times."

Customers can place the order online by downloading the BOX8 APP and visiting the InstaFresh section. With its zero contact delivery service, the parcel will be delivered safely.