A living Artificial Robots called Xenobots new creature or Species developed by Researchers at the University of Vermont

molecular structure of Xenobots and its types

About Xenobots

A first-ever man-made biological Robots The Xenobots a living Artificial Roberts belongs to the class of artifact made by the stem cell of an embryonic frog Contains less than 1000 cells with submillimetre-size machine parts that can live between 1 - 2 weeks or for longer days if they grow in high nutrient-rich cell culture, and multiply itself into different types of cells as observed by many researchers at the University of Vermont.

This automatically moving tiny Xenobots can be programmed to follow certain instruction such as clearing radioactive waste, to concentrate and accumulate microplastics in the water, pass through the human body to deliver the medicine, do space travel and can survive without taking any nutrition but cannot reproduce, because it has such functionalities it cannot be compared it with modern days Roberts or Machines, It will be developed for future military purpose.

What is the technology and science behind Xenobots?

This tiny little creature has created using a supercomputer by the researchers at the University of Vermont with Tufts University, Xenobots are known for a traditional Robots nor a species that belongs to an animal, it can be pre-programmed to follow certain instructions and can be used in a variety of applications as well, Joshua Bongard is an expert in conducting and co-lead a new experiments and researches at the University of Vermont, Joshua Bongard said that “Xenobots are novel living machines”

The scientists are working on the same project to create the next version of Xenobots where it will carry an object and travel inside the body to perform the given task. 

Scientists believe that so many technologies have been created by using non-living things such as plastics, wood, steel, chemicals, and other components that are harmful to our society that will affect our health in a variety of ways.

Xenobots are environment-friendly and without affecting nature and culture can perform a task where a modern machine cannot match with this living Robots, interestingly it can repair themselves as they are made up of cells and physical elements.

What are Xenobots functionality

Xenobots live in the water and bares between 4 - 26 Degree temperatures, they collect microplastics found in the water, Clean radioactive elements used in biomedicine and future military use. 

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