WWIII confusion between the countries | India decides to stay neutral

World war 3, Donald Trump, nostradamus. Iran vs America,

NATO said that they are going to stand with America, there are around 29 countries at NATO, Why there is a red flag on the top of Masjid in Iran. did Iran decides to conduct the war against America what is the real fact about it, will China and Russia support Iran?

Today 07-01-2020 at Iran a big crowd has gathered to accomplish Sulaimani funeral and 40 members have passed away by crushing one each other in the throng, 500 crores would be the value of Donald Trump’s head said by Iran.

Iran has announced all the Americans including Donald Trump typifies as terrorist, everybody striking the Death for America, can they really kill America, Donald Trump had formerly announced that “America had targeted 52 important culture-related places at Iran” those are Historical places of Iran, if America does such activity untoward Iran then it would be a problem worldwide, If America strike on Iran’s cultures places then other countries should turn their head towards America because that was the law applied by all the countries.

“Trump is crossing the rule, Senate Democrats await trump answers about Soleimani killing”, leaders of Senate Democrats have told we will discuss to decrease the power of Donald Trump to take control, as trump has all the authorizations to kill or to conduct combat battle by using America militia force,

The decision will be taken on 08-01-2020, at the same time other discussion gossips are going around to decide to make Donald Trump resign from presidentship, many peoples in America ask questions against Trump, why did you kill Iran army leader, as you have done it the problem as araised to the US, as Soleimani was killed in Iraq and Iraq Leader said America "you have killed Soleimani in our country we don't need your support anymore so everybody wants to leave our country immediately" America was planned to take warm air but here it was a twist for Donald Trump.

Now we have to observe, the new upcoming Developed Nation it will be China and Russia, last year on June of 2019 there was a meeting between China, Russia with the name of shanghai cooperation organization, in the same year on December month they have conducted ship comparison program and given training to their army force at Strait of Hormuz, Hormuz is the root of 70% crude oil where import and export took place, by this, we can understand that they are in a strong grouped relationship, so there is a faith belief to give a voice for Iran,

Solomani daughter has spoken out today 07-01-2020 “we will surely give attack revenge on America, Esmail Ghaani has taken Solomini’s Quds force” there are around 350,000 solders with Iran adding Quds force it would be 500,000 soldiers, Iran Peacefully requesting possible supports from different countries, Iraq has requested to America to take back American military force back to his country, but trump opposes and said that we have constructed expensive highways for vehicles return back the money if not we will stay here as we have the same equality, also America said that we are going to send additional 3000 troops, 

What was the red flag of Iran on top of Iran Masjid? Many media have spread wrong pieces of information as they said this is the sign of Iran that they are ready for war, but that isn't the fact, there is a festival called Muharram at Iran or if any crucial day will raise a flag upon masjid, but this time Inorder to respect Sulaimani's death Iran has raised red flag, all the people want revenge on America, 

Today Antonio had opened his mouth after a very long time, Antonio is ahead of United State of Organization, Antonio said the world is under the difficult the situation, Australia is on fire, Tererosim at Africa has been increased peoples are facing difficulty, competition has developed between organizations, but he didn't enclose about WWIII.

Other sides of countries are clearly deciding whether to stand with America or with Iran, expect India as it is on natural have not yet decided which side to move, Today 07-0-2020 Indian prime minister Narendra Modi called Donald Trump and wished a happy new year but actually, it isn't a new year, also, there were discussed important during a phone call which was not shown to media.

It doesn't end here we are gathering more information kindly follow is to know the full information about WWIII.

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