The United States of America. A Bad past, A questionable relationship.


There will be something new to learn, there will also be something for you to change your perspective about and there will be something painful(definitely neither for all the audience of this post nor is this content targeted one certain group). But I will only be saying the painful words, because they must be said.

I have observed, that the community I considered to be largest, a most patriotic community that is trying to give a bright future to India, is too, very vulnerable and poor observant of what's happening in the world and an important lot of what happened in our own history. 

I am not also pointing out at our prime minister and all who already have the understanding similar to what I will state in my post. I will explain later in the end. I have seen posts from "Nation from Namo" and even in an RSS group, a tilt of affection, a projection of blind, misguided friendship towards the US. And that is not what really budged me. I expected that this is just the treatment we give to a moving cloud friend. But I was wrong. It cannot be blindly trusted, correctly put, you can't trust it too much. There are several reasons for that.

Why Right-wing USA cannot be trusted, and this is not because it's nationalism but pure stupidity (you might already know why, but as you read you'll understand):-

Second, although our dependence on Russia is not as much as it once used to be, it is, it has become, our tradition, a mostly all-weather friend. Mainly, read this article I present and "especially" focus on the last statement in the article to understand why I am stressing on the point of "not to be too trusting of the USA". 

And, cheers my friends, we have gained one more good, veto-wielding power at the UN. Read the next mentioned article, please. At Least this time, "The Print" seems to have been capable of not being "anti-India". 

Although I still very much doubt it, because, the wording "In Modi-era" raises a lot of red flags. If 'we' use such wording, it would mean something good. But a regular Anti-India media page using such wording in a supposedly neutral article is a very questionable thing. If you are wondering why I am talking about "The Print" while the website I have mentioned is, you must re-visit the article(Or, visit the article already!) and look at the source of the article:-

If you think that for some reason that the US is not the USA of 1971 or that it nowadays respects our neutral kind of nature, you must remember what the right-wing USA just tried to do recently. Because we were importing the S-400 missiles from Russia. It is not like the USA is unaware that we are traditional importers of Russian weaponry and have stated time and again to the USA that this should not be interpreted as taking an Anti-US stance, we are neutrals, heavy importation of Russian weaponry and not improving dependence on the USA weaponry is mainly their own doing, for siding, aiding and funding Pakistan Militarily and economically even though they would cause 9/11(the leftists especially would definitely do).

The only reason current right-wing USA seems to be showing heavy restraint in case of India is that, to it, we are an irritant tool against China. There seems to be no heartfelt interest, no long-term focused interest, this is very much motivated from just having a threat in the region.

The right-wing USA cannot stop but show their extreme selfishness and shallowness. And these are exactly the people that look for help with dealing with China, that wish for ramping up of the situation of China and India. The US attempts to intimidate India into submission and then expects fearful support regards China:-

The US, despite a major trade war with the Chinese with no concern for even alliances it's looking to develop for the future.

Nonetheless, there have been attempts at understanding and negotiations from both sides and it can be concluded that some issues will be bypassed for many important issues:-

This is the arrogance of the USA. Our people who are some of the most productive, most beneficial, most wonderful addition is further scrutinized, their journey and life in the USA made harder and clearly are subject to no appreciation and unwelcome:-

I said to have strong reasons to believe that if the leftist democratic party wins the next elections in the USA, it would be most probably very problematic for India. It would also be a boon for Islamist worldwide. Yeah, Bernie Sanders is most likely isn't going to be the next US president. But what's worrying is that the majority of candidates contending for the next US president post are of a similar mindset to some extent or completely.

They make Israel as equally monstrous as Islamic states around it. The most of them can do about Islam and its subscribers are cursing it, "oh it's terrible". But when it comes to some practical solution that is going to definitely change the Islamic world, Shout "secularism", "people's resistance", "religious freedom". The tremendously leftist commie China is doing the right thing, there is no other practical solution. Secularism and tolerance cannot work with Islam. 

I don't give a damn about what Europeans and the USA people think. If you do care, take the Muslim community to your territories and care for them there. Hey Europeans, we got a 200 million here that are rapidly growing and are tediously, systematically Islamism what's left of India over the next course of centuries, like they have been doing for more than a millennia. You don't know? Lands once that stretched further more than Hindu Kush of Afghanistan to lands that stretch east further more than Bangladesh were once part India. 

The torch bearers of secularism and undying tolerance must take Muslims away from here to their lands because we don't intend to be keep being Islamism, will eventually either ban Islam or the Indian Muslim community must itself work major changes. You must realize that India and China will soon become superpowers. 

India especially is left with no choice but to deal with Islam at one point or the other or face with Islamic uprisings which could potentially lead to breaking up into more and more Afghanistan's and Pakistan's overtime. 

The US and the global left has been keen on breaking up former Jammu and Kashmir state of India, to coerce the Indian union to bow down to separatist forces and let one more Pakistan be realized. This cannot be permitted. Bharat Mata must be protected, India will do whatever is necessary. Co-existence and appeasement are only seen as concessions for Islamic aggressiveness.

 Article By Crisis Surya