Do you know? Uber has no car on its own yet! but it is the No1 taxi company in the world. Here is how

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Machine vs Human

In 1959, Kodak had 1,70,000 employees and that was the largest in the world, 85% of Photo Paper they were selling across the world. After Digital photography Kodak kicked out of the market and literally, the company went bankrupt, all the employees came on the road. There are lots of companies went into bankruptcy, some of the companies are HMT Watch, BAJAJ Scooter, DYNORA TV, MURPHY Radio, NOKIA Mobile RAJDOOT Bike, AMBASSADOR Car, All these above-mentioned companies were out of the market even though there was no shortage of quality.

They did not make changes from time to time as needed. You have no idea that in the next few years the world will change completely and 70% to 90% of businesses that operate today will be shutdown.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution:
Uber is just a Software. It has no car of its own, yet it is the largest Taxi Company in the World, Airbnb is the largest Hotel Company in the world, yet it does not have its own hotel. There are so many examples some are Paytm, Ola Cabs, OYO Rooms, and Young Lawyers in the United States have no job because software called IBM Watson Offers legal advice momentarily.

After 10 years, 90% of US Lawyers will be unemployed, while those who read 10% will just be super-specialists, Watson Software, The Diagnosis of Cancer does the work 4 times more accuracy than a human being, By 2030 Computer is going to be more intelligent than humans, Upto 2019 Driverless Cars was on the road. In 2020 this extraordinary invention has begun to change the world.

In the next 10 years, at least 90% of the world’s Road Vehicles will disappear, those that remain will either be an Electric Cars or Hybrid. Roads will be smooth, Petrol consumption will be reduced by 90%. Wailing will be in all the Arab Countries. All the Arab Countries will become lacking sufficient money. If you call a car with software like Uber, Ola, etc. The Driverless Car will be up at your doorstep momentarily. 90% of Accidents will be reduced due to Cars are Driverless, due to this Vehicle Insurance Co. will close. Employment as a Driver will not be in the world. Only 90% of the roads in the city disappear, problems like Traffic & Parking will be eliminated automatically. From today to the past 5 to 10 years, there was no PCO. Now recharge can be done through online, have you ever been focused? Today Mobile phones are the third most popular store on the market, sales, services, recharge, accessories, repair, maintenance, etc.

Nowadays Paytm gets full transactions, Train tickets were booked on the phone, money was exchanged via mobile, Currency Note was replaced by Plastic Money, now worlds converted to Digital Transaction, The World is changing at full speed, keep your eyes, ears, nose open, or stay behind. Try to make changes from Time to Time. For this, everyone should keep on changing business and nature over time. Time to Time Update & Upgrade & quote.

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