Privatization of Indian Railways to set a Private Railway Station by empowered the central government order

Privatization of Indian Railways
Indian Railway

Central Govt. form empowered group to privatize 150 Trains will run in 100 routs & 50 Railway Station to a private company. For the holistic development of Railway Stations government of India pegged Rs. 10,000 – 12,000 Crores. 

The investor has the rights given by the Indian Railway to develop the Railway Station as they want so that people can good facilities while traveling by train. An investor can design in their own way. After development, private investors will give all the facilities for the train passenger i.e. low ticket fare, a facility for handicap, quality food, better services, clean surrounding, etc.
The other countries in the world also privatize the Railway, due to privatization of Railways will become the profit-making source for the Private Investor. Privatization of Indian Railway is not so easy to handle by a single investor, it covers every part of India i.e. in rural, urban as well as in cities that connected each other. Indian Railways is the strength of India, it is the low budget transportation fare for Agriculture, Industrial, and other developing companies. 
Is investor will have all the rights to undertake the Engine manufacturing unit, coach making unit, railway track, catering unit, etc. One of the train name Tejas Express that has been run by Indian Railway, for catering, i.e. preparing & serving food for passengers with the good service provider by girls with dress code, just like the air hostess, that also has not been successful due to privatization.
All private companies will run the business only for-profit basis, for this, private companies will charge as per their profit average. In other countries those who handover the Railway to a private company, after they become helpless to take back into nationalization. In 1994 & 1997 Great Britain, British Rail was also been privatize, after that due to some problems, they become helpless to take back one by one track into nationalization.
Argentina also privatizes the railway to an investor, due to an increase in an accident, they also become helpless to nationalize in 1015. New Zealand in 1980 due to privatization of Railway becomes a loss, so in 2008 they also become helpless to take back into nationalization. In Australia due to “give our trackback” movement govt. become helpless to take over the railway in their hands, Education, Health & Transport should not be privatization, it should be the equalizer so that people will get benefit from this.
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