Iran retaliates Iraq Action Pakistan | Iran Hackers break into American government websites

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Trump vs Soleimani

IMET - International Military Education and Training between America and other few countries, IMET was banned in the past 2 years between America and Pakistan, This year America had told Pakistan that America has killed the Iran general Qasem Soleimani and we need your support towards us if you do so we will reveal some secrets between us along with that IMET will be given to your army force, the replay for this by Pakistan was “Lord as you say we are with you” And America revealed this information with Pakistan, Pakistan to America - Just forgot to mention this, one month ago 14 members of Our Pakistan army have been killed, we doubt it would be a Soleimani behind that, we are ready to show up some proof said -Pakistan.

America said that Iran is an enemy country for India, to oppose the point India and Iran had given the voice to America, and Iran also said to “Donald J Trump” you could have disguised anything but not those words of you, Our Soleimani had done nothing against India and unusual people, he isn't a terrorist but he is a good leader of our Army Force, we would only kill those who mess with us nor like a coward killing innocent people like you said -Iran.

There are always some hassle and disagreeable between Iran and Iraq, The army Leader from Iran has been to Iraq to accomplish the positive activity, during that period, America had killed Soleimani and other invaluable people of Iraq at the terrain of Iraq.

Iran parliament had assembled all the foremost political leaders which include the one who objects Soleimani and one who supports Soleimani, Discussion was to request not to have any American soldiers inside Iraq and Iran country, previously there was an agreement between America and Iraq in order to ravage ISIS terrorist group.

Soleimani funeral was held last Tuesday, at his home town, Until that Iran people are enraged and into the protest to get justice for Soleimani, Iran is undoubtedly going to take steps against America, Iran army force is feeble, Iran doesn't have minimum war weaponry to rivals with American army force, The chances are very high where Russia can help Iran by providing the necessary weaponry only during the wartime

The present strength of Iran (The Cyber Security) at one stage Iran was aiming to build a Nuclear weapon at any cost, at that moment the virus was detected in the Iran military computers which the attack was done by Israel to halt building a Nuclear weapon.

Iran is already aware and discerning that America is going to lash again, Iran had decided to study and create cybersecurity branch, many of them were invited and trained them cybersecurity and now it has become and advancing the strength of Iran,

While Iran adversity huge pain -America said this to Iran “I knew you are going to perform some action against us if you do so you will be facing big impact after that”

-Donald J Trump tweeted “Targeted 52 Iranians sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level and important to Iran and the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, will be hit very fast and very hard. The USA wants no more threats! ”

After that incident, most of the US government websites were attacked and America claims it has to be Iran people from different nations, and hackers have mentioned this message -Hackers said “We belong to Iran, we are not against anyone but we don’t show mercy on anyone who messes with us, there will be no direct attach but there are some countries which are supporting me and you will be raised questions by them until then you have to be calm” America has shut down the hacked websites, America agrees that Iran hackers have hacked their website but they didn't steal any important information, our cybersecurity team is working to identify the culprit, 

America had announced, “US citizens urged to leave Iraq ‘immediately’ after Iran’s top general killed in an airstrike” after this incident many people had grown against Donald J Trump.

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