Iran strikes America with 12 Missiles on 2 military base of America which is located at Iraq


Iran strikes 12 Air defense upon 2 American military base in Iraq Today 08-01-2020, Iran claims more than 80 Soldiers would have died and 200 soldiers will be have been injured after the attack, sometime later right after that incident the flight from Iran to Ukraine had been Knocked down Iran says that the wing of the flight was already damaged due to a mechanical problem nobody had attacked it, and 120 people have died some gossip around the countries are “Unknowingly Iran’s had airstrike on the flight must be a reason or did American force did this,'' How did Iran Military forces are able to take America’s advanced technology.

America and Iran wants India to become a Judge to get the justice, Iran foreign administrator says if any country would call for Panchayat we are ready for that because we are willing to move towards peace, We believe in India because India loves to live in peace and it is a more valuable country for the world, thrice Iran and America had pressured India to become a judge in between them.

India is confused about whether to support America or Iran as they both are friends already to India, But there is no doubt India will request to move towards peace.

Today morning 08-01-2020 America was warning Iran that if you can hit us then keep upright to take vilification, if you stroke us back the immediate revenge would be supernumerary than what you anticipated, and from 3 days Iran was telling that they are going to attack America.

Before these days Iran was only attacking America through influenced by supporting countries of Iran and by terrorists, now they have changed their tactics by attacking America face to face.

Today they have attacked 2 bases of America which are located in Iran when compared to the American army force Iran's force is stumpy, many countries taught Iran to do face to face attack as they are weak in army strength when compared to America. 

Iran has successfully launched airstrikes from their stretch of land to America army location which is at Iraq, there are many sites occupied by America at Iran which is now built as army field, America has gathered millions of soldiers in Iraq, Iran has attacked many sites of America which it at Iraq, it has created a huge impact Iran has done it with 12 airstrike missiles this was done during night time continuously for 30 minutes so that American soldiers can escape from their target to create an impact and a lot more.

After the attack this time Iran has accepted that it was done by them, generally America has advanced technologies to give counter-attacks on any missiles which will target them as self-defense, but how come now any of the defense hadn't give counter-attack? All the 12 air defense of Iran has hit the target accurately, 5 strikes on one side and 7strikes on the other side of America base in Iraq, America has lost above 80+ soldiers and 200+ soldiers have been injured.

After the strike, Iran said this we haven't done as a sign of war, as you have killed our Army Leader Solomani so we have done it for recrimination purpose at the same place where you have killed our leader, “as we know Solomani was killed in Iraq”.

Iran says if America continues to knock us back then we will Knock 100 times greater than they thump us, But the strange part is if America decides to deal with advanced weapons then Iran will completely finish because of America as powerful weapons, with the help of other countries Iran, has supporters too to guide anonymously.

After the strike all the countries were shocked, media doesn't have clear data on how many troops have died during an airstrike, but Iran confidently claims more than 80 troops have died, America doesn't have much support either then Germany and Britain.

Britain Opposes Iran and said to Iran, that Iran shouldn't have attacked America as Iran has done big mistakes, so Iran has to apologize to America. 

Israel said- 100 percent what America has done is faultless, prior Iran said that they will attack Israel, China, and Japan say to America that we shall not fight instead will deal with this issue by peace.

France said- they have sent 120 troops to Iran if Iran disclaims the war by choosing peace that France won't request to send the troops back. 

Indian Ambassador says - If India speaks peace between us then we will look forward to obeying India, this is now the uncomfortable situation for India to a covenant between America and Iran, Iran also says they are not interested in doing war unless America strikes them back.

India wants America and Iran to go peace because India’s Economic will be affected, every other country have the same issue, as 80 lakhs Indians are working across the world, if everyone comes to India then the Indian government has to support and protect them, Foreign Exchange will be a big breakthrough, by those 80 lakhs peoples of India is acquiring Two Lakh Crores through dolors, based on that India has balanced economically, suppose when the war declares then the money will not enter India, and then India will suffer from unemployment, money swelling, the value of goods will be increased and much more step by step. There will be no alternative comments if war begins, already crude oil price has been increased.

Apart from all today 08-01-2020, Donald Trump had the discussion, said as long as he is president of the United States Iran will never be allowed to use nuclear weapons on America, there were no soldiers attacked and only minimal damage has caused at military bases by Iran as primitive warning system worked very well, American forces have prepared for anything. 

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