Ramar Pillai | The chemist who Invented Biofuel | is about to Launch Today 11-0-2020

Ramar Pillai has invented bio fuel
Ramar Pillai

After 21 years of struggle Ramar Pillai from India Tamilnadu, the biofuel specialists have invented low-cost biofuel sometimes called Herbel fuel, recently the war was about to come between America and Iran, leaders from different countries were fighting for crude oil, but here Ramar Pillai’s biofuel comes into existence, Yes! there will be no war anymore.

Before entering to the topic we have to know a little bit about biofuel, the fuel which we are using nowadays is been extracted from crude oil, usually, crude oil is found in the deep of the earth specifically at middle east regions like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and some other countries, the extraction process is so complex that Hitech machinery is required and the cost is also very high, by heating up the crude oil in a certain temperature the boiling liquid is divided into different states like Gases and Liquids in order to make Petrol, Diesel and other types of fuels, Biofuel is made with the help of Oil, Animals fat and Greases from Plants and Animals, the common way to create biofuel is with the use of Vegetable oil.

As of 11-01-2020, the petrol rate in India is Rs. 77.32 per liter and the rate for diesel is 67.97 per liter, Ramar Pillai says his biofuel will cost around Rs. 10 only, in order to create fuel, Ramar Pillai has started his journey of selling the biofuel from 1997 and due to some jealous people he failed to bring it to the world, after a very long time along with some political support and strong background power Ramar Pillai has announced his invention that is biofuel will come to the application for the lowest price.

Ramar Pillai told that his invention is successfully running in some places in India Tamilnadu, and officially it will be applicable for the public to use, that the material will be provided by his end and the water must be brought from a buyer's end and buyers will be preparing the biofuel with the guidance and instructions followed by Ramar Pillai, 10lakes liters of biofuel will be made and circulated in the main cities of Tamilnadu on 11-01-2020, government has signed a contract that the raw material will be provided to Ramar Pillai in order to make 10lakes liters of biofuel for free if can’t at least for a reasonable price.

The making of biofuel can be made through dirty water with a low-cost budget, Ramar Pillai Informs that he has a test report which says his biofuel will not affect the engine and environment, within June and July his biofuel will be applicable to all over India, this will be the journey of the next generation.

History of Ramar Pillai
  • Name: P Ramar Pillai
  • Place of Born: Tamilnadu
  • City: Chennai
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Religious: Hindu
  • Education: High school dropout student
  • Interest: Chemist
  • Goal: Spread his Biofuel invention across the globe for application
  • Marital Status: Single

In 1996 Ramar Pillai claims that he had invented biofuel without mixing any kind of petrochemicals using few liters of normal water along with some ingredients, Interestingly he said that his 100 ml fuel could burn more than 5 hours and that can be used to produce 5 - 6 units of electricity which made everyone panic.

Negative side

Scientific evidence disproved that his invention has not proven scientifically, he was arrested and imprisoned along with the fine of Rs. 30,000 for cheating the government.

Ramar Pillai Chemist Vs LMES Science-based YouTube Channel

In 2018 LMES YouTube Channel had approached Ramar Pillai to conduct his experiment at their office, Ramar Pillai accepted their invitation and went to their office and made his experiment, Ramar Pillai and with his special secret ingredient successfully create a fuel, one of his ingredients is curry leaf stick said LMES in their YouTube video and Ramar Pillai said the Leaf stick will separate the oxygen and hydrogen away from the water and observe the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and can burn up to 5 - 6 hrs.

LMES team were doubted and carefully watched the recorded video which later proved that Ramar Pillai experiment was a cheat, LMES showed in the video that Ramar Pillai Brought a container cap which was completely filled with wax while doing the experiment he used wax to burn, Search in YouTube LMES Ramar Pillai experiment video as proof.

And the other side of the people says that the Ramar Pillai’s invention is genuine and they have used his fuel in their bike and checked and said it is functioning properly, some reports say that Ramar Pillai’s had presented his fake experiment by using wax and not to disclose his material secrets ingredients with anyone because he doesn't want his invention to be stolen.

The Latest Update

After facing all kinds of conflicts Ramar Pillai has announced that he had signed the agreement with the government where the agreement tells Ramar Pillai will Introduce his invention at 4 main districts in Tamilnadu in front of viewers on 11-01-2020, High court says his invention should be brought to the applications.

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