Very old Mummy was found in India, at Himachal Pradesh in Gue village

550 years old A sitting Mummy found in India that looks like doing meditation, Mummy was found right after the earthquake that was held in 1975 in India where the earthquake was affected on Himachal Pradesh which had a 6.8 magnitude surface.

old Mummy was found in Gue village
Gue is a tiny village Himachal Pradesh

Gue is a tiny village on top of the Himachal Pradesh, in 1975 peoples at Gue village opened the old tomb containing the mummified body. It has been identified as a monk “Sangha Tenzin”, only one mummy in India, who has given his life for meditating, more than 500 years. Mummy looks like sitting on the floor and doing meditation. In Himachal Pradesh, it was found inside the tomb at Gue village in Spiti Valley, around 40 Km from the Tabo Monastery.

550 years old A sitting Mummy in Gue village
550 years old A sitting Mummy

To reach this Serene area by only a way of private vehicle or taxi, very few buses come up to this village, the buses from Sumhdo in Kinnaur. The best time to visit Gue Monastery is in the month of April to August, during this month the environment of Gue will be clear and pleasant, The average temperature during the summer season is around 15-20 degrees Celsius. In the winter season the temperature is very cold, due to this environment, the reasons why the mummy is preserved in this condition for so many years.

Gue is a small village, which has very few houses. These Gue village people are completely untouched by modernization, they live a peaceful & struggling life, In 2004 Himachal Pradesh Police excavated the tomb and removed the mummy, The mummy was well preserved with skin intact and hairs on his head, The nails, teeth & hair of the mummy are believed to be still growing.

He died in the seated position and rope around the neck and thighs, it was natural and no chemicals have been used to preserve it, This mummy gave up his life during meditation to save the village from the rise in the Scorpion problem, He left his body, a rainbow appeared in the sky and all the Scorpions disappeared from the village.

The mummy is kept in a Temple in Gue, two miles from where he was excavated, in the Himachal Pradesh region of India, This temple where mummy rests is open for the public, which was kept in a glass enclosure, anyone can visit this place.

The skin of mummy is unbroken; The villagers keep the mummy in high regard and respect, The body of a Monk Geu village located at an altitude of 10,499 ft. above the sea level, it lies a few kilometers away from the Indo-Tibet border.

Interesting fact

"The ten oldest Mummies in the world"

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  • Chinchorro Mummies: 7020 BCE, Northern Chile & Southern Peru, discovered in 1917.
  • Tashwinat Mummy: 3500-3300 BCE, Uan Muhuggiag, Libya, discovered in 1958.
  • Gebelein Man: 3400 BCE, Gebelein, Egypt, discovered in 1886.
  • Lady Rai:1530 BCE, Thebes, Egypt, discovered in 1881.
  • Amenhotep l: 1506 BCE, Deir el-Bahari, Egypt, discovered in 1903.
  • Otzi the Iceman: 3300 BCE, Otztal Alps, near Hauslabjoch on the border between Austria & Italy,  discovered in 1991.
  • Egtved Girl: 1370 BCE, Egtved, Denmark, discovered in 1921.
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