7.692 million km² Australia and some of its parts are on Bushfire, 50 hectares Goan | Animals are going extinct

Australia city on fire, bushfire, bhn, bangalore hot news,
Bushfire on Australia

4th day of the new decade 2020, people from one part of the world are discussing world war 3 at the same time the other part of the earth is on fire.

Nature started punishing humans and innocent animals since today morning every corner of the Australian people have joined together and treading the important news that is, Australians are requesting to the other corners of the people not to destroy nature.

Importantly they are warning us, The vehicle we use every day to travel and the cold air we take from an air conditioner to chill, that has been affecting the other part of the earth.

Australia city on fire, bushfire, bhn, bangalore hot news,
Australia city is on Fire

To measure the fire spreading over Australia we shall compare it with the Amazon forest, The fire spread in the amazon forest is over 9lack hectare that was last year, as of now 50lakhs of hectare as been burned in Australia.

Millions of lives as passed away and lakh of humans have lost their home as they can't fight against the fire, including that hundreds of humans have died, This had happened because we humans from different continents  have started the bushfire,

Throughout the flight they are carrying water and pouring upon a fire and failing to extinguish, The fire started burning from September 2019 to date.

You could find Australia in a world map it is located at the corner of our earth, The polar region either north pole or south pole arctic circle for many years we are listening that the sea level has been increasing and polar bear is up to go extinct.

The reason for this would be the rising temperature of our earth (Global Warming) which is happening every passing day, Being irrespective and not respecting the nature, Plucking up the trees and constructing the buildings and increasing deforestation and pollution making factories, as an effect of this losing the Land-Based ice, Importantly we have to notice this, summer is becoming hotter than every passing year and winter is becoming colder than every passing year, every living creature can feel this effect but the creature those are living in Australia can feel deeper than the other creatures living on other continents, in Australia they call this season as bushfire.

Generally in the summertime in the south part of Australia, the fire spreads over because the temperature has been increasing and there is no rainfall since for many years, 41°C is the recorded temperature of Australia.

Polar bears, kangaroo, and other animals are trying hard to escape from the fire if something happens to humans other humans are available to rescue one another, but if something happens to animals as they have only 5 senses so they don't even know which way to choose to survive.

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