Dr. Ganesh Rakh, we never heard about this unsung hero

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 Dr. Ganesh Rakh

Dr. Ganesh Rakh, who started a small hospital in the Western Indian city of Pune. So some people in our society are against Girl baby, maximum people will think about Boy baby should take Birth instead of Baby Girl.

If the patient comes to the hospital for delivery purpose, all the relatives will gather at the hospital to listen to a good news for their newly born baby, but the doctor has to face the problems to say the patient has died and also it's hard to tell them that pregnant women have given birth to a Girl baby, in India 63Millions Girls were killed in a fetus.

Sex-selective abortions, female feticides are the biggest human Genocide in world Human History.

Dr. Ganesh Rakh started a small hospital near Amanora City, Opposite Suzlon Energy, Malwadi, Hadapsar Pune, Maharashtra – 28 in 2007.

His father was a laborer wanted to a wrestler like a child, but his mother convinced him to study and in the process, he had to endure a lot of hardship and discrimination, This made him even more compassionate when he saw how society was treating mothers who give birth to a girl child.

He doesn’t stop at charging no fee for a female child, He also celebrates along with the hospital staff when a male baby is born.

While his journey of becoming a doctor is even more inspiring. In 2007, he set up a 25 bed Medicare General and Maternity Hospital, He started Mass People Movement of saving Girl child on 3rd Jan. 2012. In 8 years more than 2 lakhs Private Doctors, 13 Thousand Social Organizations & 20 lakhs Volunteers are working with this movement. On 3rd Jan. 2012, Dr. Ganesh Rakh began his own crusade, by launching the “Mulgi Vachwa Abhiyan” i.e. Save the Girl Child Campaign.

In the hospital, if a male baby born, then they use to celebrate and distribute the sweets if a girl was born the relatives would leave the hospital due to baby girl, they will ask for a discount for hospital expenses.

Dr. Ganesh Rakh’s tiny contribution, to improving the lot of the girl child in a country, where a traditional preference for hobbies and as easy availability of antenatal sex screening has resulted in a skewed gender ratio. So Dr. Ganesh Rakh who doesn’t charge for a Girl who born in his Hospital. The doctor has waived the cost of Delivering 1000+ Baby girl by normal and caesarian delivery so far. As a date, nearly 3000 doctors from Maharashtra have joined his cause of fighting social biases and prejudices against the baby girl.

When Dr. Ganesh Rakh started delivering baby girls for free seven years ago, he did not mean for it to become a campaign.

In India, Girls had developed their own carrier from education, for girls Indian Govt. made lots of facilities, so that they can stand on their own ability. But now, there are 17,000 doctors in India who have joined him in supporting women who give birth to a girl child, either charging very low fees or no fee at all.

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