Will Tik Tok be sold to an American company?

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Tik Tok Vs America

By the time while your reading this blog a company called Tik Tok has 8Million Active users in America, TikTok parent company "ByteDance" is going to sell Tik Tok to the American company, there is a true hidden fact inside, every passing day in America a few months ago the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai and Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg have been asked thousands of questions by the American government, in the same way, questions need to be raised to the Tik Tok, asking questions doesn't end their Tik Tok must vacate America else it must be handheld by an American company, America doesn't want big chines company to do marketing in their country, also America claims Tik Tok had created many problems and issues.

Tik Tok says any users above 13 years can use Tik Tok, Tik Tok Sexual content if posted in youtube the Algorithm of Youtube will find it and apply age restriction for that Specified video, but the same video is applicable for 13 years old in Tik Tok, Tik Tok doesn't restrict 13 years old to upload the video and watch age-restricted videos, The uploaded video in the Tik Tok will be scanned by an algorithm if finds it as a sexual content that the video will be reached to the Maximin audience, some claim says Tik Tok is doing this on a purpose, not manually but by artificial the algorithm, Basically the algorithm finds the video that spreads in a short time to the maximum audience and the same video is promoted by the Tik Tok, American talks about promoting sexual content and making it go viral is a big problem for American youngsters.

In 2019 April Tik Tok was banned in India, but after some days later India revokes the ban, but why did they ban and revoke again? same as American claim sexual videos are reaching to children so India says they have banned it for this reason, but India didn't give the proper explanation for revoke, Tik Tok says the company has removed 60Lakes video from the server, 60 lakes is not a small number, so Tik Tok is available in India again says Tik Tok.

India ordered to Tik Tok the same issue shouldn't repeat, Tik Tok refuses to Obey order, Many Videos related to Religion and Cast, have been spread inside the Tok Tok App and confusing between the peoples across India.

Here we have a very important thing to talk about

Tik Tok has a feature called "User Wellbeing" included inside the app because of the government nomes, but not every user of Tik Tok Knows this important option, but Tik Tok hasn't spoken much about it, Tik Tok Ai(Artificial Intelligence) monitors the user's behavior and finds what users want to watch and show the videos to the users and this 15 - 30 seconds videos which are shared on the Tik Tok won't let the users stop watching the clip, users are spending more than an hour and waste their time on Tik Tok, 90 Percent of the Tik Tok videos are uncertified content.

This is going crazy day by day, recently few children's were doing stunts and filming Tik Tok video in the moving bus and police find them and catch, the other users of Tik Tok who watches this also committing the same mistake and following the same activity, this happened because of Tik Tok AI (Artificial Intelligence) which makes the video goes viral.

Let's go a little backward

Tik Tok is a Chinese company, Tok Tok purchased Musically an American based company at that time Tik Tok was a start-up company, this is how Tik Tok Entered America and reached all over the world, Tik Tok has no market, At the beginning stage it was all by musically which helped the Tik Tok to reach the market in the shortest time, America says there was no problem with the musically because the data was stored in American server, but now it is been stored in china,

The addictive algorithm of Tik Tok and solution by the American Government

Tik Tok controls and suggests the users to watch the video and most of the video isn't what users are following all the suggested videos are new to the viewers.

Let's Discuss the solution to overcome the addictive app

As I already mentioned about the option called "User Wellbeing" it lets us set the duration to control the watch timings or watch limits, if the users are spending like hours together this "User Wellbeing" Option comes to help you save the time, this option is password protected suppose if you find your friend is more addicted to Tik Tok you can set the password on his Tik Tok App if he or she wants to unlock it cannot be done without your permission, this option is very much useful to the parents to protect their children and keep them away from Tik Tok.

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