The Solar Eclipse Event on 26th December 2019

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Annular Eclipse

How many of you heard someone saying that "Hey don't look at the sun in naked eyes" and you will be like why?

Since we have started walking on the roads have you ever watched the sun on normal days and said the sun is beautiful today. Most of them don't, because we are in a busy world, but what is that so special about looking at the sun on this particular day, "Solar Eclipse".

Ok! let’s us talk about the event that occurred on 26th December of 2019, "let us call it as A Ring of Fire" Sounds good right.

Okay now follow me let us dive into deeper to know more about the Ring, before that I wanted to ask you a question, what is mean by "Solar Eclipse"? Do you know the answer or if your answer is different from what is said, then tell me in the comment section.

To know there are 4 types of "Solar Eclipse" those are "Partial Eclipse", "Annular Eclipse", "Total Eclipse" and "Hybrid Eclipse", Basically everyone knew that we all are living in an orbiting planet Earth and we see the Moon is orbiting the Earth, and the Earth and the Moon both together orbiting the "Sun", at one particular time 3 Planets will meet up in the same straight line, viewing at this point from our Earth the Moon will completely cover the Sun, so this particular event is known as Solar Eclipse.

I can read your mind voice trying to ask me how come the smallest Moon can cover the Maximum part of the Sun, in fact, your right, Moon doesn't cover the sun, let me elaborate it when the event occurs at few corners of the Earth, Sun raise will be covered by the Moon, this is why researches told us only at some location this event is going to fall.

When the Moon is compared to the Sun, The sun is 400 times bigger than a Moon, in the same way, the distance between the sun and a moon is about 150 million kilometers, this is the reason they look like the same size.

The event name that occurred on "26th December of 2019" is "Annular Eclipse",
at this event, Moon will try to cover the maximum position of the Sun, viewing it from our Earth we can see the Burning Ring at the edge of the Moon and this is known as "Annular Eclipse". if you missed watching this live event then you need to wait till 2031, when the Moon completely covers the Sun then it is "Total Eclipse", during this event the day will become dark and flowers will start blossom, animals will be confused as they have only 5 senses.

This was the last solar eclipse of 2019; this was the most awaited event that was occurred the day after Christmas.

During this solar eclipse, the sun will appear as a ring, the moon is covered 90% of the sun and shown as a ring, Sun, Moon, and Earth will align at the straight line, the Moon in the middle to hide the sun the same is observed from our earth. The rarest event has been photographed by many people.

I hope that I have given you a clear clarity about the Eclipse.

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