Rahul Gandhi danced with the tribals; Said- NRC, and NPR is an attack on poor like demonetization


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who reached the inauguration of Raipur Adivasi Dance Festival in the capital of Chhattisgarh said that the country's economy can only grow when all the population of the country is taken forward with it.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, inauguration of Raipur, Rahul Gandhi arrives in Raipur, Chhattisgarh,  National Tribal Dance Festival,
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi


● Congress leader Rahul Gandhi arrives in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

● Rahul Gandhi inaugurated the National Tribal Dance Festival.

● During this time Rahul tightened the policies of the government, fighting the brother with his brother cannot benefit the country.

● Said, brother cannot benefit the country by fighting with brother.

So let us know if Congress leader Rahul Gandhi fired shoot in the government regarding the economy.

• Amid protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has indirectly targeted the government, saying that the economy cannot run without taking different people of the country. Inaugurating the National Tribal Dance Festival in Raipur, Rahul taunted the central government in gestures and said that the country cannot be benefited by separating brother from brother. During this time Rahul participated in cultural programs.

Rahul said that there has been a decrease in violence in Chhattisgarh as the government here listens to the voice of the people. Rahul said that everyone's voice is heard in the assembly, not of one person. He taunted that people are aware of the condition of the rest of the states and the condition of farmers, unemployment, and economy throughout the country. Rahul said, 'India's economy cannot be run without taking every religion, caste, tribal, Dalit-backward. Until you add everyone,
Everyone's voice will not be heard in the Assembly and Lok Sabha, till then the unemployed and the economy cannot be done.

● If we will not join the country, it will not progress - Rahul

Pointing to the Central Government, Gandhi said, "Do what you want to do. But until you join this country, till the voice of the people of the country is heard in the assemblies and the Lok Sabha, no. Nothing can be done about employment and the economy. Because farmers, laborers, poor, tribal’s run the economy. “The Congress leader said that if you will hand over the entire money to 10-15 people. Demonetisation will be done, GST will be implemented, then employment will not be created in India and neither will
the economy of India runs."

● PK's advice to NRC on NRC should not be implemented in Congress-ruled states

He said that the violence in Chhattisgarh has come down as compared to earlier because the present government listens to the voice of the people. The voice of not one person is heard in the assembly. You are aware of the situation in the country. You know everything that is going on in other states. The problem of farmers, suicide, the condition of the economy, unemployment, you know, there is no need to repeat it. Gandhi said, "I am happy that in Chhattisgarh whether it is about tribals or farmers, youth or mothers and sisters, we are taking everyone along and taking the state forward. The difference is visible. Less violence happened."

● Rahul Gandhi said - of the country, NRC is a tax on poor And NPR

Rahul said that NRC and NPR are a tax on the poor. Demonetization was also like a tax on the poor. He called it an attack on the poor and said that now the poor are asking how we will get a job. The former Congress president said that earlier the world used to say that India and China are developing at the same pace. Today the world is witnessing the violence of India.

Artical written by: Sawan Solanki

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