Why Farmers Day is celebrated? That is not what this page is going to talk about but more than that!

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Farmers Yard
Some of the basic needs that are important to surviving as living beings are 'Oxygen', 'Water' and 'Food', Nature has created all of them for us, But are we utilizing it in the right way? The answer is 'nope' we aren't.

As of now, the total human population is 7.8 Billion in 2020, and we are consuming 11 Million Pounds of food in different varieties just in a minute and it is happening every day.

But what happens when all the farmers stop working in his yard, are we gonna eat still? Yes! Nature is still providing the food for us, but not everyone would be able to afford it, only 30% of the world's population can able to afford the food, let us discuss.

What about the rest 70%! will they die?
Here we have to know that, This is a hypothetical question, the farmer can stop working in his Yard for a while but the other farmers will be engaging into the process of agriculture to produce the food, here we have to notice this, farmers are working for us without taking leave the one or the other farmers are always available for us.

 Everyone wants food but nobody chooses his/her profession as agriculture.
Everyone wants water but nobody saves it.
Everyone wants shadow but nobody plants a tree.

The true fact is one-day people will be searching for agriculturer but we will miss to retain them, The one who watches the cinema will desire to perform in the cinema, but the ones who eat food don't like to do agriculture.

Do you know? we already lost 40% of our landmass for constructing buildings and roads.

Do you know? Not only us even animals do need food to survive.

Do you know? Farmers use to suffer if there is no rain in his agriculture land, and vice-versa if it rains heavily they do suffer again.

Do you know? It takes 100−120 days to grow just a few grams of rice, but it takes only a minute to fill our tummy.

There are millions of farmers who need our help but they don't ask for, but we will understand their needs and help them because they are the one who fills our stomach, so lets raise up our hands and give a positive voice to our farmers.

Things we can do to change the world

1) Educate your kids by telling them about agriculture.
2) Plant a tree today.
3) Save the water now.
4) Help Others when someone is in the struggle.
5) Don't waste food because we already know the duration that takes to grow a gram of rice.
6) Look around you, if you find any garbage clean it up because this is your planet.

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