Muslim mobs and pseudo-seculars are currently spearheading the Anti-CAB and NRC protests

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The issue of CAB and NRC has now become a serious issue in the country now. It is also attracting international attention but is very minimal and negligible. CAB bill is being portrayed as Anti-Muslim. People are going as far as to wrongly claiming that the CAB-NRC combo threatens the citizenship status of current Indian Muslims. Muslim mobs, pseudo seculars have mobilized and are doing everything they can for creating a chaotic environment in the country. Different groups protesting the CAB bill have different reasons. But first, we need to take a look at what exactly is the CAB bill about.

CAB bill seeks to grant citizenship to religious minority people in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan belonging to the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikhs, Parsi or Christian communities who have come to India before 2014 for religious persecution and are already living in India, will be able to apply for citizenship after the amendment is passed.
Now that we have an understanding of what the CAB bill is about, there's also a lot of questions, doubts, myths, and rumors around CAB and NRC bills.

Let's take a peek at the protests:-

1.) Currently, the majority of the protests are being run by political parties betting for political gains.

2.) The majority of the protesters are ignorant, illiterate masses and the majority of them are clueless about what the bills are about. They are just pawns mobilized by different powers having different motives.

3.) Muslim mobs are spearheading the Anti-CAB, NRC protests. There's no certain, single reason for that. There are many reasons which we will discuss in the next update on the issue.

4.) Pseudo-seculars, some intellectuals, and students are participating in the protests and again, there are several motives and reasons.

5.) The only part of the protests that we need to seriously consider is those about Northeast. But the problems of the Northeast have been considered already by the central government and the plan of implementation has been designed accordingly. Currently, many serious Assamese, northeastern protesters and major organizations have called of strikes after the central government representatives assured them and made them understand that it wouldn't harm them. But not all NE protests and protesters called off the strike. The protests of those who are still protesting in the northeast neither are genuine nor something to be considered seriously. Why are the NE protests still alive even after the central government clarified to them? We'll discuss that too in the next update.

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